Friday, May 18, 2007

An Introduction In Part.

I never was much one for either reading or making blogs. But it seemed like a good idea tonight. So, in any case, hello random people reading this to find some joy in reading random peoples random thoughts about random situations in random places and random times. Hmm... i've said it so much that it's lost all meaning. Oh well. I haven't fully decided what type of topics I will be discussing, or ranting upon, depending upon the situation, but if you wait long enough for me to think of something suitable, then I pity you, I truly will.
In any case, most people on the net will know me by the names Genji, Blackflame, Benkei, or some other random (ah...see..I've said it again, pretty soon the word will just dissapear entirely!(Eww...the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II....)) name. If you've chosen to read this this far. Then, congratulations, there is a new car waiting for you outside. Go ahead, go look, I'm sure you'll find the results of that little journey out of your chair and into the sunlight very rewarding. You know, if you enjoy a good bit of sarcasm mixed with your own niavety :D.

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