Friday, May 18, 2007

My Talented Pencil

Yo guess what! I'm my pencils bitch...thats right, I'm a slave, to my pencil. It should come to your surprise, Unless you know me, that I don't mean that in a deep metaphoric way, its actually quite literal. The pencil controls me, Instead of I controlling the pencil. I have been a sketch geek since birth, and oddly enough, it wasn't till yesterday night that i realized i have been drawing the -wrong- way all these years. Usually, I don't really think about what I'm drawing, in fact, i think about other things in the day, things that has happen to me, thing that I have to get done, things that worry me...but not the drawing in front of me. instead, the pencil dose all the work.

You see, my eyes go numb, my hand quickens, and my mind drifts away. I draw with a blurred vision, and without ANY ONCE of focus. My pencil tells me when I'm finished, this is when i look at what i have created, and of course, nothing better then my average. But why? Why do i stroll away from my canvas and go in meditation on all but the single and most important thing in the moment?...The god damn sketch. This puzzled me, for i realized that this is my custum way of a sort of a subconscious state.

I put down my pencil, and looked at it....with focus, and i told myself...IMAGINE, FOCUS, UNDERSTAND. So for a moment, I drowned in my imagination...something i have not done in ages, and never done in front of a Pencil. It was less then a Instant and BOOM, this creature, in an almost perfect dynamic posture, with perfect detail, and the textures all there, a 3 dimensional vision. I cannot believe myself....Dynamism, something that i have had a struggle with for a long time was solved so quickly. Now, my next step was to mentally zoom in to this scenario, examining this humanoid piece by piece. And then I begin to draw. As expected i begin a struggle with my pencil, it continuously tires to block out my eyes and take over...but i fight back and focus deeper into my paper. 20 mins passed like seconds, and BLAM! A Sketch, only merely a sketch but a defendant one. Above my average.

Visualization, My new weapon in a limited Arsenal. A new tool to master! Thats all for now! Til next time make sure to stray away from pornography and get your Vitamin D from the Sun, unlike our friend gorilla.

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