Sunday, May 13, 2007

Take a dive

I had originally planned on doing some sort of witty introduction, introduce myself to the readers of this blog - all four or five of them, so far - slowly. And then I realized how utterly incapable of that I am, and how inefficient it'd be. Like the title suggests, I'm going to just dive in, palaver with you folks, and kick things off with a lackluster bang. It's 4 am where I am right now, and I'm tired, roleplaying on a mush. So I don't have anything amazing to say. Brief introduction:

I am James Mancuso. I go by the cognomen Gorilla J. I am an atheist Caucasian male on the heavy side of the weight spectrum, and well above six feet in height. I have pale skin from my lack of sunlight, but the Italian in me is strong: I tan easily, well, and for a long time. I don't know if that's an Italian trait. I'm sleepy.

I'll probably just talk about the various games I play here. Au revoir.

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